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Home Health Care California!

Home health care agencies enable elderly seniors to live independently in their own homes or stay with a family member through providing access to elderly care services and assistance when needed.  Seniors who prefer to live in their own homes, or live with a family member, and have access to outside home health care agency and assistance when needed.  Senior Care and Home health care agencies provide supportive (unskilled) care.

Non-Medical: Supportive services, provided by in the home by home health care agencies, offer assistance with personal care such as grooming, bathing, dressing, meal preparation, housekeeping, and non medical home care.  Assist with self-administered medications, elder care and exercises, and transportation to medical appointments.  These services can be provided for any amount of time needed including up to 24/7 live in respite care.

Many people will refer this type of service as Home Care, Senior Care, Elder Care, In Home Care, Elderly Care, Home Health Care Agencies, Homecare, Senior Home Care, Senior Home Care, Non Medical Home Care and other similar terms.

Don’t take on more tasks that you can handle.  Let us help you! Respite Care services are available at American Companion And Caregivers.  This program is especially designed to give family caregivers a chance to rest and regain their energy.

While you are away from home – at work, at school or running errands – leave your caregiving duties to our respite caregivers.  We are able to take care of individuals who have disabilities and/or illnesses that require the patient to stay at home with a companion or caregiver.

Respite Care can be scheduled hourly, daily, weekly, during the day, during the night, over the weekend or for intermittent schedules.

To inquire on the availability of respite care, please contact American Companion And Caregivers via (951) 734 -8993.